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Clear safari cache

clear safari cache

For peace of mind and a better browsing experience you can clear your Safari cookies, cache and history. Here's how to do it on OS X and. Empty the Cache of Safari Browser: The web browser's cache stores images, files and graphics. Empty the Cache of Safari Browser: The web browser's cache stores images, files and graphics.

Clear safari cache Video

How to clear Safari Caches, History and Cookies on Mac To delete any errant data, click the Edit button alongside whichever data type you'd like to remove. Did you like this tip? The first is if sites within Safari simply stop working. Jeder von uns surft gerne im Internet, allerdings wächst dabei der Browser-Cache stetig. How do I clear cache in Safari now? The first is when sites simply stop working when you access them on Safari. Helpful answers All replies. The two most useful are 'User names and passwords' and 'Other forms'. If you've entered the wrong username or password for a site, and Safari subsequently keeps autocompleting it, clicking the Passwords icon within the Safari's Preferences dialog box lets you find it and delete it. Rather usefully, you can then recreate the entry for the site by clicking the Add button. If your iPhone's running slow or you simply want to get rid of your website data, here's how to do it. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. For those who enjoy digging behind the scenes of the Safari browser a bit with the developer menu, additional and more advanced options are also available through the hidden Debug menu as well , including a set of cache inspector tools. Durch die Bereinigung des Cache kann man locker mehrere Gigabyte Platz auf der Festplatte schaffen und die Leistung des Mac verbessern. Log In to Comment Register.


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